Club Ali'i Group Coaching and Mastermind Is The Only Program You'll Need To Build Your Own Freedom Based Business and Design A Luxury Lifestyle!

Easy step-by-step format, personal attention from High-level Business Coach Erica Duran, and a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs to mastermind with 24/7!

“These Days, It Takes A Village To Raise A Business”


I’m Erica Duran and I believe you deserve more!

You deserve to receive first class coaching, mentoring, and training

as a service-based entrepreneur and to

surround yourself with like-minded powerful people …

E Komo Mai (Welcome)

To Club Ali’i 

hosted by Erica Duran

What Exactly Is Club Ali’i?

Club Ali’i Is…

Everything You Need To Start or Build Your Business To Attract and Close High-Paying Clients As A Modern Service-Based Entrepreneur


  • Having a waiting list of ideal clients wanting to work with YOU!
  • Being able to work from anywhere in the world (and having enough free time to enjoy it)!
  • Stop second guessing yourself all the time and thinking you are never doing “enough”.
  • Selling premium packages that serve your clients better than one-off sessions and keep you off the feast or famine roller coaster each month!
  • Technology will no longer be an obstacle, but your friend and your automated sales team!


  • A community of like-minded colleagues, friends, and mastermind partners to rid that entrepreneurial loneliness and keep you in a high-vibration to make those big leaps!
  • Trainings, systems, and structures to keep you from going into overwhelm & burnout and so you’ll know when “enough is enough”.  Pau Hana! (Work Is Done!)
  • Mindset & lifestyle design elements so you can step into and embody the changes you want to make, and not backslide into your old habits.

Everything Is Right Here –  Support, Mentorship, Training, Travel,  Community, and More!

So… This Is Another Group Program for Entrepreneurs?

What Makes Club Ali’i Different?  Why Does Club Ali’i Work?

(and why THIS time it WILL work for YOU!)

Recently, I phone interviewed 100 service-based entrepreneurs (like event planners, coaches, bloggers, professional organizers, graphic designers, web designers, etc.) and asked them what they struggle with and what they wanted support on in their business.

What was confusing or overwhelming them?

Through these surveys, I uncovered a list of specific areas of struggle or lack of clarity and included them in Club Ali’i.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, “Ali’i” means “Royal” in Hawaiian.

So my thinking was that it is about time to give you and your business the Royal Treatment and to stop settling!

The Club Ali’i program has everything you need to attract and close sales with high-paying clients as a modern service-based entrepreneur as well as build the systems and structures needed to fully enjoy your success and ideal lifestyle.

No “fluff”.

No “busy work”.

I wanted to support new and struggling service-based entrepreneurs.

Those who maybe have never invested in the right training.

Those who are working all the time but still not making a consistent income.

By leveraging my work into a group coaching program I could offer it at a price so that anyone could get started right away without money being an issue or excuse for them not getting the support they desire and not reaching their goals once and for all!

Club Ali’i Is An All Inclusive Course!

Many online programs overload you with information, but there isn’t much accountability or 1:1 support included.

After working with hundreds of service-based entrepreneurs both one-to-one and in large groups, I’ve seen exactly what you need to get results…

Custom & Personalized Support In A Group Setting

During the Club Ali’i Group Phone Calls and in the private Facebook Group, you will receive one-to-one support.

You can ask questions directly, get clear on your next action steps, get feedback on your materials, or get help with technology.

Anything you need right on the spot!

Experience, Not Theory

In Club Ali’i you can step out from behind your computer and social media and have a face-to-face conversation (any maybe even a mai tai) with your fellow tribe members.

And, I know that it is extremely important to observe and be in the energy of your mentor.

Of course, traveling is optional, but you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Long Enough For Real Transformation

I’ve been in a lot of group programs, where just as I was starting to get results and create friendships with the other participants the program was over!

Club Ali’i has enough space and time so you don’t feel rushed, you can build lasting relationships and referral partners.

And you can still have a life!

A Membership Site Hub of Information

Not just a pile of PDF’s you’ll never crack open.

Club Ali’i has a fully interactive membership website that is updated often (almost daily) with new resources, trainings, audios, events, videos, and more.

Access all your materials from anywhere in the world you can get a wi-fi connection or download them to use for years to come.

The Tribe Has Spoken!

In Club Ali’i, you have a voice in what is taught.

If something you’ve been dying to know isn’t covered in the core curriculum, just ask!

We have a large network of experts and colleagues in many different fields who would be happy to share their secrets with our tribe as a bonus training, event, or through their materials.

Here’s My Story In A Kukui Nutshell …

College, married, 2 dogs, picket-fence (not just saying that – there was an actual picket fence!), high-paying (yet stressful) corporate job.


Switched corporate executive jobs about every 6 months to a year.

Married again, 3 dogs, another (more expensive) picket-fenced house, cars, and lots of well-organized and labeled “stuff”.

Left my high-level hotel executive job for lunch one day and never went back.

Divorced again!

Dabbled on the side for years with all kinds of business ideas and direct sales companies!

Found myself flat broke.

Reached out and invested in coaching and built a multiple 6-figure Professional Organizing business.

Thought it would be really easy to transition to a time and location independent online business.

Sold everything to be “free”, lower my overhead, and travel full-time.

Found myself flat broke and struggling again!  But this time add in one personal tragedy after another – many loved ones passing away and/or stricken with disease, leading to $40K in medical bills!  Just about bankrupt and evicted…

Invested and received coaching and went from selling $97 one-off sessions to my first $5,000 package to celebrating $20K weeks and live at beach-side luxury resorts!

A Little More Detail On That Last Part Of The Story …

I so desperately wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur that was location & time independent and not be married to my laptop.

I would see other people “making it” and tried to model what they were doing but I could never replicate the success they were enjoying even though I way buying their programs and I thought I was following them step-by-step.

I remember the frustration of struggling to find clients as a new entrepreneur!

Despite feeling like I was doing EVERYTHING to get my message out into the world when I was starting my business, nothing seemed to be working.

I kept asking myself: “Why isn’t anyone signing up for my service, everyone says they “need” it?

And worse…

Why is no one even booking one of my free consultations?!?!”

I used to feel like there must be something wrong with me.

I must not be very good at my services (Professional Organizing, Web Design, and Productivity Coaching) after all!

What Changed?

I realized I was going to need some serious help if I wanted to finally get all the pieces of having a successful service-based business right… and in the right order.

So What Did I Do?

First, I purchased a bunch of online and self-study courses.

I learned a lot, but there was always something missing and I didn’t know how to connect the dots on what I was learning and put it all into ONE working system.

Plus, I was kind of “hiding” with these anonymous self-study courses.

I could take them at my own pace… or not.

And they would end up getting “dusty” on my hard drive.

There wasn’t any feedback or accountability and the program wasn’t customized to me and my business.

So THEN What Did I Do?

I invested in high-level coaching (thanks, AMEX) and I learned the internet marketing systems, structures, and sales skills required to be a modern successful online entrepreneur.

I designed a dream lifestyle that is unique to me and then went for it without any excuses.

I stopped kidding myself – stopped telling myself that I was working too hard and all the time and started working on the right things in the right order, with the right mentor & community.

Now, I LOVE helping other women do the same to build their freedom business and luxury lifestyle.

This is what Club Ali’i is all about!

The Trainings Of Club Ali’i

Whether you are just getting started and are seeking to save time and set things up right the first time.

Or, you are trying to figure out how and when to leave your 9 to 5 job.

Or, you’ve been in business for years and are ready to work in a more fulfilling and profitable way. – Club Ali’i can support you!

Over our time together in the program,  trainings will be released on a regular basis that I feel every modern entrepreneur needs in order to thrive.

But there is no “fluff” or “busy” work and there will be implementation weeks sprinkled throughout so you’ll have enough time and space to get everything accomplished in an unrushed way.

That is not to say you won’t start seeing results fast!  I am all about results and my number one priority is to support you in getting your first high-paying client, not fill out a bunch of worksheets.  The trainings just help compartmentalize and organize your thoughts and actions step-by-step.

It All Starts With Instant Access To The Comprehensive Welcome and Preparation Packet!

Club Ali'i Welcome & Preparation Packet (2017)*All The Program Details Listed In One Place For Your Convenience

*The Process of Clearing And Completion – An In-Depth Process To Clear The Way, Create The Space, and Tie Up Loose Ends In Your Life So You Can FOCUS!

*Setting Your Goals And Intentions (A First Look) – We’ll Go Deeper Later In the Course As You & Your Business Evolve

*Set Yourself Up For Success – A List Of All The Basic Foundational Tools You’ll Need For The Rest Of The Course (don’t worry, these are just suggestions and most of them have a free version)

Here Are Just A Few Of The Topics We’ll Cover In Club Ali’i

Uncover & Claim Your True Desires

  • How To Get Crystal Clear On Your Desires Unapologetically
  • Uncover Your Core Values, Big Why, and Brand Essence
  • How To Use Conscious Language To Help You Up-level Faster
  • Craft Your Ideal Days & Week To Set Your Vision and Achieve Results

Optimize Your Environment and Master Your Time & Schedule

  • Set Your Environment Up To Support Your Lifestyle, Business, and Your New Way Of Being
  • Remove Distractions To Increase Focus, Income, and Be Present With Each Task To Create & Give Your Best Work
  • Set Tasks on Autopilot and/or Learn New Ways To Delegate So You Can Create and Make an Impact with Your Services & Gifts (and get paid for them)
  • Learn Time Management & Productivity Strategies For Multiple 6-figure Earners!

Up-level Your Mindset, Claim Your Expertise, & Receive Abundance

  • Create Your Life Resume to Shift In How You Are Valuing Your Work & Pricing Your Services
  • Create Your Freedom Budget
  • Set Up Wealth Consciousness Practices That Work
  • Get Ready to Receive

Claim Your Ideal Client

  • Create Your Ideal Client Requirement Checklist
  • Niche Down Till It Hurts To Focus On Your Target Market
  • Conduct The ONE Thing Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Do That Makes All The Difference

Align and Live On Brand

  • Align With Your Brand To Make Your Competition Irrelevant
  • Live On Brand To Make Every Decision Easier In Your Life and Business
  • Bring Out Your Personality & Brand Essence So Your Work Is A Lot More Fun

Design Your Freedom Business & Lifestyle

  • Create Your Business Model That Works With Your Lifestyle & Income Goals
  • Systems & Structures For A 3-day (or less) Workweek & Consistent Income
  • Virtualize Your Life So You Can Work From Anywhere

Lead Magnets Made Easy

  • Learn How To Create A Lead Magnet To Grow Your List While You Sleep
  • The ONE Thing That Will Get People To Opt-in (and it isn’t what you give away as a gift)
  • Set Up Your Welcome/Onboarding Email Series To Build Your Relationship With Those Who Are Not Quite Ready Yet For Your Free Consult and Stay Top-Of-Mind

Catch ’em & Keep ’em (List Building & Email Marketing)

  • Learn What List Building Strategies Work To Build Your List Faster
  • Know How Much Is Too Much When Sending Emails To Your List
  • Know How Often You Should Send Content vs. Promotions
  • The Two Most Important Parts Of Your Email To Spend Your Time On

Hustling with Aloha™

  • Attraction vs. Interruption Marketing
  • Visibility, Outreach, and Recruiting For Faster Results
  • The Exact Templates I’ve Used For Written Outreach Communication
  • Tools So You Don’t Waste Time With Non-Ideal Clients and “Tire Kickers” (price shoppers)

Outsourcing the Hustle with Paid Advertising & Sales Funnels

  • Create Your Value Ladder
  • Design A Sales Funnel That Makes Sense For Your Business Model and Goals
  • Simple Tips and Strategies On All Things Paid Traffic (a.k.a. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords) So You Can Get the Most For Your Advertising Dollar
  • Avoid Common Paid Advertising Mistakes

Package Your Passions and Get Paid

  • Create Your Signature & Support Offerings
  • Showcase Your Expert Status
  • Charge Appropriately (It’s A Jungle Out There!)
  • Make Sure Your Packages & Offerings Have “Curb Appeal”

Sales Page Formulas

  • Know When To Create A Longform Sales Page vs. A Short Form Page
  • Learn How and When To Weave In Story vs. Selling
  • Templates, Formulas & Examples To Make It A Little Easier

Website Layouts That Attract & Capture | Plus REAL World SEO Do’s and Don'ts

  • Structure Your Website To Lead Your Visitor To Opt-in Or Buy
  • Showcase Yourself As The Go-To Expert In Your Industry To Command Premium Prices
  • What Core Pages Do You Need And Which Ones Are A Complete Waste Of Time
  • SEO Basics (Search Engine Optimization) – Getting Found On Google For Free

Creating Fame & Following

  • Know Which Platforms To Be Visible & Active On And Which Are A Waste Of Time
  • Pages, Profile, and Groups!  Oh, My!
  • Get Visible Without Causing Virtual “Eye-Rolls” When Online
  • Posts That Get You Noticed & Paid

Copywriting & Storytelling That Converts

Copywriting & Storytelling That Converts

  • Have Your Potential Clients Self-select and Raise Their Hands To Join Your Programs, Products & Services
  • Learn How To Communicate With Your Potential Clients To Show The Value
  • How To Receive Testimonials That Do The Selling For You
  • Relate To Your Audience Through Your Well-crafted Story & Stand Out From Your Competition

Sales Conversations That Close

  • How To Flip Your Mindset Around Sales and Really See That Selling Is Serving
  • Sales Conversation Strategies That Put You In Control Of the Conversation As The Expert In The First Three Minutes
  • Exactly How Many Sales Calls You Need To Book Each Month In Order To Not Be Attached To The Outcome (even if you NEED to make money ASAP!)
  • Selling With Out Auditioning or Convincing Energy (My “Hang Loose Method™”)
  • How To Facilitate The Sale… So It Actually Closes
  • How To Stay Present With Your Potential Client And Hold The Space For Working Through Their Excuses & Objections (don’t worry it isn’t as pushy as it sounds)
  • How To Follow-up With Those Potential Clients That Vanished or Had To “Sleep On It” and Not Feel Like A Stalker
  • Learn How To Write A 15-word Email That Can Reopen The Conversation With Those Prospects That Seem To Disappear and Save Your Sale

Booked Up, Sold Out, Next Level!

  • Making Your Big Income Months Your “New Normal”
  • How To Handle A Waitlist To Ensure They Are Still Interested When You Are Available Next
  • Structures For Exit Sessions So You Can Re-enroll Your Client, Get Referrals, and Receive  Awesome Testimonials
  • Leverage All You’ve Done Into A Larger Scale – Group Programs, Membership Sites, Passive Income Program/Service/Product, Destination Intensives/Retreats Or Membership Websites!  You Are Unlimited On What You Could Offer!
Erica Is AMAZING…Worth The Investment! Tanya Brown

Published Author of "Finding Peace Amid the Chaos" Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker,

I Am No Longer Worried About Money Every Single Day and I Earn A Full-Time Income Doing What I Love! Holly Southerland

Professional Organizer, Waco Home Organizers

Erica Duran has simplified my technological world! Mary Etta McCurdy

Interior Designer and Window Covering Specialist, Mary Etta Designs

*Cancel Anytime

*All Private Clients Are Automatically Added To VIP Level Access

Self-Paced Study PLUS Personalized Custom Support …

I’ve been lost in the shuffle of many group programs.

I’ve stayed invisible by taking courses that are just information with no interaction, support, or accountability from the mentor.

But everything changed when I signed up with the right mentor for my lifestyle and received one-to-one support!

However, I know that not everyone is at a level in their wealth consciousness to justify the investment without sleepless nights, has the confidence to be visible in a big way just yet, or has the time to invest in a private program where the attention is all on you.

And some people just think it is more fun and beneficial to be part of a group.

That’s Why I’ve Combined The Two!

Personalized Support But With A Self-study Pace.

Plus!  A Tribe of Peers to Mastermind, Network, and Play With!

LIVE Calls

For the VIP Level, there will be 2 Live calls per month where I’ll be answering your questions.  Can’t make the live calls?  No worries!  Just submit your questions via email or on Facebook and get the recording!

Regularly Released Trainings

When we say “very detailed” we aren’t kidding!

There isn’t any fluff or busy work in this program.

Each module is as long or as short as it needs to be to give you the information you need.

I have written out every single little step of what I did to earn a consistent $20K+ per month in my own online freedom based service business.

I’ve also included tips and tricks from what I learned from supporting hundreds of other entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses over the past 15 years.

There is a lot to share, but I promise it is all step-by-step and organized in the sequence you need to do things in.

Videos and Audios For Each Module

What is your preferred learning style?  Audio? Video?  By Reading?

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.  Videos will be created when something needs some visual explanation.

Read and/or watch the videos at your own pace, or take the audios on the go!

24/7 Facebook Community & Mastermind

With a global community, someone will be available when you need support or feedback!  Be visible.  Connect.  Build referral partners and joint ventures, role play, and cultivate friends for years to come.I’ll be popping in

I’ll be popping in live to the Facebook Group several times per day.  I can answer questions, hop on a Facebook Live to demonstrate something, review materials or your website, and best of all celebrate your wins!  Learn from other members and what they ask too!

Live Retreats, Events & Meet-ups

The magic of meeting in-person and being up close and personal with your tribe and mentor is priceless!  Optional retreats, meetups, and events but try to get out of your comfort zone and be there!

Business Directory & Marketplace

Your business will have a full-page feature in the Club Ali’i Directory and Marketplace!

Another way for your business to be found on Google while lifting your own website up the ranks with valuable backlinks!

Browse the listings of other members so you can create Power Referral Partners, Joint Venture Partnerships, Network, etc.

Showcase what you do and who you serve and attract your ideal clients!

Implementation Weeks

There always seems to be one week per month where you just want to focus and create.  Club Ali’i gives you that space and time.  Or, take a break if you’re all caught up!

And More!

Club Ali’i is always being updated and evolving so as the industry and strategy changes, we are quick to provide the necessary support.

“That Is Great But What About _____?

Are We Going To Cover ______ in Club Ali’i?”

Thank you and Yes!

I am an expert in many things – sales, marketing, technology, podcasts, Facebook ads, and productivity.

But I’m not an expert in things like legal, bookkeeping, paid advertising (yet), crowd funding, relationships, etc.

But what I do have is an extensive Rolodex that I’m willing to share!

Request a training topic and I’ll bet I have a friend or colleague who would love to come in and share their wisdom with our tribe.
Just ask, OK?

The Best (and most joyous) Way To Step Into Your New Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Is To Actually Step Into It…

Destination retreats, mastermind events, meet-ups, and intensives are some of my most favorite parts of my business!


Because being a modern entrepreneur can be lonely.

Don’t you want to actually meet all your Facebook friends you’ve been chatting with online for years?

It is so magical when you finally meet in-person!

During a live event or retreat, we have a bigger container in which to really dig deep, get to work, and most of all experience it all in a high-vibe location.

Plus, one uninterrupted day can accomplish so much!

And, I know for me, meeting and being close to my mentor as much as possible helped me shift into who I wanted to become all that much quicker.

So, throughout our time together there will be chances for you to join us LIVE.

Travel is optional, and you can still get everything you need from the comfort of your home, but I wouldn’t miss ’em!

Don’t worry, the live portion will be towards the end of the program, so you should be well on your way to earning what you need to participate.

The Club Ali’i Investment Breakdown

I know there are a lot of coaches out there that say “The moment I invested in myself is when everything started to change for me.”

I thought that was a lot of B.S. and they were just trying to sell their packages and programs.

But then I got to a place where I had to make my business work “no matter what” and I finally put up the money (thanks, AMEX)!

Within 30 days I sold my first $5,000 package and then went on to celebrate $10K-$20K months (and even a few weeks)!

Was it because I just invested money?

No, I had invested many times before.

This was the time it worked because THIS time, I was “all-in” and ready to receive the information.

This was the time I was going to stop struggling and making things harder than they had to be.

I surrendered.

The Value of Club Ali’i:


When you add up the coaching calls, office hours, retreats, training modules, and bonus trainings without even including the mastermind group and community (which is priceless), this program is valued well over $23,000!

The Investment of Club Ali’i:

Entry Level Access = FREE!

Upgrade to VIP Level Access = Only $97/month!

Plus, most of my clients make this investment back by selling just one of their own high-end packages.

Live Calls, Recordings and Office Hours

Each week I’ll be supporting you through live calls and real-time office hours in the forum.

You can ask questions, get clarity on your next steps, get your website or materials reviewed.

Anything you need to feel supported and confident in taking your next step.

Regularly Released Bite-Sized-Ready-To-Implement Trainings

The trainings point you in the direction to your next action steps, help you to get all your “ducks” in a row, and set your foundation for not just your business but your overall lifestyle.  (It isn’t all about work in here in Club Ali’i)

Guest expert trainings to enhance unique areas of interest.

No fluff, no busy work.


Resource guide updated frequently.

I’m sharing everything I’ve tested and used over the past 15 years of research and a lot of trial and error.

And not just sharing a list of links, I’ll be showing you exactly how to use everything I recommend so technology won’t hold you back any longer!

You don’t have to wonder any longer if you are investing your time and money in the right tools!

Online Business Directory & Marketplace

Your business will have a full-page feature in the Club Ali’i Directory and Marketplace!

Another way for your business to be found on Google while lifting your own website up the ranks with valuable backlinks!

Browse the listings of other members so you can create Power Referral Partners, Joint Venture Partnerships, Network, etc.

Showcase what you do and who you serve and attract your ideal clients!


LIVE Events, Retreats, and Meet-ups

A Freedom Based Luxury Life does not sound like being chained to your laptop all day, does it?

Enjoy the magic of live events and meeting up personally with your mentor and tribe.

Retreats are optional if you are not ready to travel just yet.

*Note some events may require an additional registration investment, plus the accommodation and travel expense.

Community & Mastermind Group

With a community of global members, someone is bound to be up in your time zone to help, support, and give feedback.

Stop bouncing ideas off your pets and talking to yourself.

Connect, create a referral or join venture partnership, and be visible!

I Quit My Day Job Just Three Weeks After Enrolling In Erica’s Program! Stacy Erickson

Professional Organizer, Home Key Organization

My Business Has Been Designed And Built To Support A 3-Day Work Week!

Kathy Lawless

Life Curator & Storyteller, Life Story Curator

My mindset has totally shifted and I’m consistently hitting high 5-figure months! Lisa Woodruff

Professional Organizer, Organize365

Ready To Get Started?

When you join Club Ali’i today you’ll get instant access to:

Recommended Reading List

Welcome and Preparation Packet For Clarity and Focus


A Comprehensive Resource Guide

Access To The Membership Website

Access To The Private Facebook Group Forum

Which Membership Option Is Right For You?

FREE! Entry Level Access



VIP Access Level

$97 per month

Cancel Anytime


Become A Private Client

Best Value!

All 1:1 Clients Get VIP Access For FREE!

I already have a waiting list of clients that want to work with me! Yolanda Lilly

Professional Organizer, Modern Image Organizing

It took less than 30 minutes to completely “virtualize” my business idea so I could live with freedom! Laura Aielo

I went from near hopelessness and giving up, to believing that I can turn my entire business around with a few simple actions! Teri Lynn Wilkins

Coach, Changing The Discussion On Infidelity and Cheating,

This Sounds Amazing!  But Is Club Ali’i Right For Me?

Can I Speak With Someone Before I Join?
Of course!  Just click here and fill out a form to schedule a private Aloha Strategy Session with Erica Duran via phone or Skype.  We can help you determine if Club Ali’i is the right program for you at this time or direct you to one that is perhaps better suited to your needs.
How Fast Can I Get Started?
You can get started today!  As soon as you enroll you’ll get an email with access to the membership website so you can log in and start going through some of the resources and materials.  You can also join the Facebook forum right away to start meeting all the other members.
How Long Is Club Ali'i Program?

You can stay for as long or short as you need so you can work at your own pace.  Cancel your membership at any time.

When Can I Start Seeing Results?
Ha!  I just knew you were going to ask that!  Of course, results vary from person to person.  It depends on how far along you are in your mindset work and your business and thousands of other factors.  My goal in working with a private client or a group member is to get them to a consistent livable income from their business as fast as possible so they can be more present in doing the rest of the work without the worry of surviving.
How Much Can I Expect To Make?
Well, that is a loaded question if I ever heard one!  I have no idea how much you desire to make.  However, I specialize in helping passionate and creative service-based entrepreneurs make a consistent $5K to $20K+ per month while working about 3 days per week.  As I grow my business the numbers get larger, but for now, that is where I’m at.
What If I Have No Idea About What Type of Business To Start?
You are in the right place!  Taking your passions and joys in your life and creating a business around them is one of my favorite things to do with people!  THAT is my passion!  So, during the first few calls group calls that you participate in, be sure to raise your virtual hand for support and guidance on this piece.  There will also be support for you on this in the Welcome and Preparation Packet of the course.  You might find it interesting that even when people have a business already, they often change their model during our work together.
I'm So Busy Already! How Am I Going To Fit This Into My Schedule?
I totally understand!  Life is so busy on top of trying to launch a business in the middle of it!  Good news is, I’ve been a productivity expert and a Certified Professional Organizer for over 15 years!  I even had a joint venture relationship with Franklin-Covey and back in the day created a paper-based day planner!  Time management is the platform your entire life is built on so first thing in the program we’ll start improving yours so you can get what matters most done.
I Want To Join But My Husband/Partner Doesn't Want Me Spending Any More Money Until I Make Money. What Should I Do?

That is a tough spot to be in.  I completely understand.  However, I also understand that the masculine energy is to protect so they are doing this out of love.  I believe if you go calmly to them and ask them for your support in this decision rather than going to them confused they just might surprise you. 🙂

Also, think of their face when you walk in with your first $1,500 or $5,000 check from selling your first premium package?  😉

How Big Is This Program? How Many Members? What If I Can't Get My Questions Answered?
I personally want Club Ali’i to have an intimate feel and not get too big.  I think your real question is “Will I get my questions answered and enough attention on my business?”  That answer is YES!  I may do several things should the membership grow too large and get to hard to manage.  One, thing I may do is cut off new members and only have enrollment openings two times a year.  However, what I will more likely do is add more phone sessions to the calendar.  Don’t worry, you will get all your questions answered.
Can I Earn Money As An Affiliate?

YES!  I’m so glad you asked!  Club Ali’i and Erica Duran International payout 10% for all affiliate referrals and old fashioned “_____ Sent Me” type referrals.  10% is quite a bit of money considering the programs range from $2,000 to $10,000+!  That means you could earn $200 to $1,000+ just for telling people about Club Ali’i and Erica Duran International or sharing your affiliate link on social media.  There are two ways at this time to be an affiliate:

One, blind copy whenever you are sending a friend to our websites or letting them know about us.

Two, sign up for our official affiliate program where you will get your own custom link to share and other marketing materials.  (Note there are two separate programs for each website to keep track of the various cookies so TWO opportunities to earn!).

Click here to join the Club Ali’i Affiliate Program.

Click here to join the Erica Duran International Affiliate Program.

Do I Have To Join Club Ali'i To Become An Affiliate?

No, you don’t have to join Club Ali’i or be a private client of Erica Duran international to become an affiliate or refer to earn with us.

Club Ali’i and Erica Duran International payout 10% for all affiliate referrals and old fashioned “_____ Sent Me” type referrals.  10% is quite a bit of money considering the programs range from $2,000 to $10,000+!  That means you could earn $300 to $1,000+ just for telling people about Club Ali’i and Erica Duran International or sharing your affiliate link on social media.  There are two ways at this time to be an affiliate:

  1.  Blind copy whenever you are sending a friend to our websites or letting them know about us.
  2. Sign up for our official affiliate program where you will get your own custom link to share and other marketing materials.  (Note there are two separate programs for each website to keep track of the various cookies so TWO opportunities to earn!).

Click here to join the Club Ali’i Affiliate Program.

Click here to join the Erica Duran International Affiliate Program.

I've Tried A Lot Of Programs and Groups Before And I'm Still In The Same Spot. How Is This Going To Be Different?
I hear you, sister!  I tried tons of programs and struggled for YEARS!  And, you know, it wasn’t the program or the coaches responsibility.  Well, sometimes it wasn’t a good fit.  But more often than not, I wasn’t ready to receive the information.  Or, I was trying to piece together information from a lot of different people.  When I made the decision on what I desired my lifestyle to look like and then sought out a mentor and program that was in alignment everything changed for me.  So, I can’t say that this time will work for you 100% because I don’t know you or what you’ve been through at this point.  I can offer up a free no-pressure Aloha Strategy Session with you though to find out.  Click here to schedule you Aloha Strategy Session.
Do I Have To Become A Coach? Can I Have Another Type Of Business?
No, you don’t have to become a coach.  There are literally THOUSANDS of business ideas and models that we can set up.  Looking at my client roster, I have only a few coaches and the rest are all other types of passionate and creative service-based entrepreneurs.
How Do The Calls Work?

The live coaching sessions are for VIP Level only.

There will be Facebook Forum and Facebook Live Q&A’s for everyone, but the phone sessions are for VIP Members only.

You’ll receive a schedule of the designated group calls.

If you have a question, call in “raise” your virtual hand.  

That will put you in the queue to get any type of support you’d like,  

You can ask a question, get clarity on your next steps, get your materials or website reviewed or better yet celebrate a win!

Remember that we also host a private Facebook group 24/7 where you can get your questions answered and feedback from the entire tribe.

Is There A Payment Plan Option?

Yes, there are three options…

There is a FREE Entry Level Membership.

There is a VIP Access Level Membership for $97 per month.

You can also become a private client and receive a Club Ali’i membership at no charge as part of your package!  Payment plans are also available for the private 1:1 programs.  You can schedule an Aloha Strategy Session with Erica should you be interested in this option.

Why Do You Say That The "Private Client Option" Is the Best Value?
The private client option is the best value because a 6-month Club Ali’i membership is included at no additional charge at the Platinum and Diamond levels.  This means you get one-to-one support along with all the benefits of the Club Ali’i Group Program and Mastermind.  For more information on private 1:1 programs book your free no-pressure Aloha Strategy Session with Erica Duran today!
Do You Offer Refunds?
In a word… “No”.  I value my time and clients way too much and I am fully committed to this process so there are no refunds.  In fact, there isn’t even a refund if you are asked to leave the group for being disruptive.
Are There Any Additional Costs Involved In This Program?

You can receive the full benefit of the program with no additional costs.  However, I often recommend 3rd party tools and services that have a charge to them to invest in.  These are of course optional to purchase and there is usually a free option or version to what I recommend that I also list in the materials.  I usually opt-in for the free version of things myself.  But, when I see the value and something is going to save me time or make my life easier, I’ll usually invest and then tell everyone about it.

Also, accommodations and travel arrangements are not included for any retreats, meetups or events.  Retreats and live events are completely optional.

I Am Horrible With Technology? How Am I Going To Have An Online Business?
You are in the right place!  I love technology and showing people just like you how to leverage technology to save you time and make you some money!  If you can send an email, post on Facebook, and/or make a call from a cell phone you’ve got the basics already. 😉
I Don't Use My Credit Cards/Savings/401K/Etc. Except For Emergencies.

I see.

And I am not one of those coaches that say things like “You need to shift or break through your wealth consciousness level by signing up for my program”.

What I do know is that when a woman has a true desire for something the money shows up.

This has happened for me time and time again.

The money was there and available to me, I just couldn’t see it from where I was at.

I also realized that getting my business off the ground was an emergency to me, there just weren’t any sirens and luckily no one got hurt.

If you truly want to join this program, but right now you don’t see how the money could show up for you, let’s chat.  I can help you put a plan together to find the money to invest in yourself and your business.

Do I Have To Ask My Questions Based On The Current Module? Or, Can I Ask Anything?
YES!  That is exactly one of the reasons Club Ali’i is not your typical group program!  You can ask absolutely ANYTHING on the group calls and in the Facebook forum.  Your question or topic does not have to be based on what the current module is covering whatsoever.
I Know A Lot About Mindset/Websites/Sales/Etc. Already? Is Club Ali'i For Me?

Hmmm… I’m not sure.  If you are making the income you desire and living the lifestyle that is right for you, you might not need these trainings or support.  You may just want to join for the community, but there is probably another program more fitting if you are already hitting your goals.  Let’s chat and see for sure.  You can click here to book a complimentary Aloha Strategy Session with me.

I often thought I knew it all too, but I sometimes had the things in the wrong sequence or just some unconnected dots that changed everything for me and I still seek mentorship and programs to continue learning – the world keeps changing on me. 🙂

Still Have Questions?

Erica Duran is the no B.S. coach I was looking for! Pearl Rothman

Ghost Writer, Ghost Writers Ink.

Our business is on track to double last year’s revenue — and we have had major breakthroughs with potential partners to sky-rocket from there! Peggy Hall

Yoga for Surfers

Our Furry Tribe Thrives Too In Club Ali’i Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.34.24 PM

One of my biggest “Whys’ for wanting to be an entrepreneur was so I could work from home with my dogs beside me and not leave them to go to an office all day.

And a big “Why” was also to give substantially to help our furry little tribe members in need.

Those who bring us so much joy in our lives but can’t fight for themselves.

That is why 10% of all Club Ali’i memberships go to support Fountain Of Woof.

Help me help older dogs unleash their inner pup!



A Final Note …

I know just how terrifying it is to invest in something when you think you’ve tried everything before, you’ve downloaded all the free guides, listened to all the podcasts, and watched all the videos.

But you don’t have to figure everything out on your own anymore.

You don’t have to piece things together or second-guess yourself.

You know deep down you were meant for a bigger life and to impact more people with your message and service.

It is time for you to be confident, be visible, and charge appropriately for your gifts – after all, it’s a jungle out there!

Let me be your guide.

If any of Club Ali’i resonates with you, the tribe has spoken… you’re in!

Never Settle!

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Still wondering if Club Ali’i is right for you?  Well, the decision must come from you.  But, to help you out in deciding, just ask yourself “How Are Things Going To Get Better?”.  Join this program or do something else but Never Settle in going after what you really desire for your life!